About Us

Badoer Investments Ltd is an Equity and Investments Company with global ambitions domiciled in Dubai and with a registered Branch Office in Nairobi, Kenya. It was founded by Ricardo Badoer, a prominent entrepreneur who has intricate knowledge and exceptional international expertise and talent. The Company largely focuses on a diverse set of investments sectors such as;

  1. Share/Equity Investments
  2. Property/real estate
  3. Technology & sports
  4. Construction

With its 10 year presence, the Company has continued to expand investments demonstrating a commitment to add value and shareholder return on investment.
Badoer Investments Ltd has successfully raised over $530 million in an adverse economic environment among prominent family offices and high net worth individuals, including the Spanish Development Agency.
Over the last 5 years, Badoer Investments Ltd has equally been able to invest in shares in AIK (Sweden), Atlanta BC (Italy) and also an investment in a Spanish Second division club.
Equally, at the moment, Badoer Investments Ltd owns several real estate properties in Stockholm and Madrid.
The aim is to continuously develop further assets and investments through acquiring operational assets, growing the value of current projects and shareholdings.